Participation in the management of the high-growth company in Asia

Indirectly acquiring interest (about 6%) in the Electricity Generating Public Company Limited (“EGCO"), KIC participates in the management of EGCO, which is one of the largest Independent Power Producers in Thailand from May 2019.

EGCO has multiple operating power plants in Thailand and other countries, and has become one of the high-growth companies in Asia. EGCO contributes to realize a sustainable society, by focusing on the development of the renewable energy such as hydro, solar, wind and geothermal etc., in addition to large-scale thermal power. We aim to contribute to the further growth of EGCO as well to the development of the electricity business in Asia, by utilizing our technical expertise and know-how acquired in Japan and overseas.

Overview of EGCO

Company Name Electricity Generating Public Company Limited
Headquarters Bangkok, Thailand
History Established by partial privatization of EGAT in 1992
Listed on Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1995
Major Shareholders EGAT : 25.41%
TEPDIA: 24.57% (including 0.63% for non-voting depository receipt)
Operating Power Plants Total 5,691 MW (Total Equity Ownership)
- In Thailand : 3,131MW (55%)
- Outside Thailand: 2,560MW (45%)

[as of October 31,2019/including under construction]

Map of EGCO’s Power Generation Projects

[as of October 31,2019]