Kleen Energy Gas-Fired Power Plant


Kleen Energy Gas-Fired Project

The one of the core power suppliers in the ISO-NE

From July of 2011, the Kleen Energy Systems, LLC (total output: 620 megawatts) has operated. Kyuden International Corporation, 100% subsidiary of Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc., has acquired a 20.25% equity interest in Kleen Energy Holdings, LLC, the sole parent company of Kleen Energy Systems, LLC, from investment fund managers of Ares EIF Management, LLC. The Kleen Energy Systems, LLC, in the city of Middletown, Connecticut, utilizes a low emission gas combined-cycle generating system, supplies electricity to the northeastern part of the United States through ISO-NE*, and is one of the core power suppliers in the region.

*ISO-NE (ISO-New England Inc.) -The wholesale electricity market which consists of six states in the northeastern USA.

Project Data

Location Middletown, Connecticut (USA)
Generation Type Natural Gas/Combined Cycle
Capacity 620MW (2 gas turbines, 1 steam turbine)
Fuel USA domestic natural gas
Start of Construction -
Start of Operations July, 2011