Senoko Energy Pte. Ltd.


Senoko Energy Project

Participation in management of Singapore's largest electric power company

The Senoko Energy Project was awarded in 2008 via an international bid conducted by the Singaporean government, which had been the previous owner of the Senoko company. Kyushu Electric participated in this project alongside the Marubeni Corporation, Kansai Electric, JBIC, and ENGI (formerly GDF Suez)

In addition to providing stable power supply for Singapore, increased energy efficiency is planned through the introduction of a highly efficient and environmentally-friendly gas combined cycle power facility. As such, this is a project that is contributing to the development of the electric power industry which forms the backbone of Singapore's infrastructure.

Project Data

Location Senoko Industrial Estate, North Region, Singapore
Establishment October 1st, 1995
Business Description Power Generation & Supply
Power facility generation capacity 2,382MW
Outline of Senoko Energy Natural Gas Combined
425MW x1 Units
365MW x3 Units
431MW x 2 Units
Project Scheme