South Field Energy Gas-fired Power Plant


South Field Energy Gas-Fired Power Project

—Third power generation project in the USA—

The South Field Energy Gas-Fired Power Project (SFE) in Ohio is our third power generation project in the United States, following Birdsboro Project in Pennsylvania and Kleen Project in Connecticut. SFE utilizes a combined-cycle generating system, equipped with the state-of-the-art gas steam turbines, is currently under construction and is expected to commence its operation in 2021. We participated in this project by acquisition of 18.1% equity interest of South Field Energy Partners LLC from Advanced Power.

This project utilizes natural gas produced out of neighboring shale gas fields and supplies electricity to the northeastern part of the USA through PJM.※

※ PJM: PJM Interconnection LLC is the largest wholesale market in the United States which covers all or part of 13 states in the northeast area.

Project Data

Location Yellow Creek Township, Columbiana County, Ohio, United States
Generation Type Natural Gas/Combined Cycle
Capacity 1,182MW(591MW(1 gas turbine, 1 steam turbine)×2)
Fuel Natural Gas (from the neighboring shale gas fields)
Start of Construction August 2018
Start of Operations Expected to start commercial operation in 2021