Tuxpan V/Gas Combined Cycle IPP


Tuxpan V Project

The first IPP project awarded to a Japanese company that was involved from the feasibility study stage

The Tuxpan V is the first IPP project in which Kyushu Electric and Mitsubishi Corporation participated jointly in the feasibility study stage, subsequently winning the bid for the project. It is located adjacent to Tuxpan II which is similarly managed by Kyushu Electric and Mitsubishi Corporation, with a total capacity of almost 1,000MW between the two projects.

Similar to the Tuxpan II, this power plant utilizes natural gas for the generation of electricity via highly fuel-efficient gas combined cycle technology. The generated electricity is then sold to Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) under a 25-year power purchase agreement.

Kyushu Electric had a maximum of 10 engineers on-site during the construction period, and at present several engineers are stationed on-site for management of operations and maintenance.

Project Data

Location Veracruz, Tuxpan Region
(Gulf Coast of Mexico, about 250km NE of Mexico City)
Generation Type Natural Gas/Combined Cycle
Capacity 495MW (2 gas turbines, 1 steam turbine)
Fuel Natural Gas (Fuel Provided by PEMEX)
Start of Construction July 1st, 2004
Start of Operations September 1st, 2006
Project Scheme