Hsin Tao Gas Combined Cycle IPP


Hsin Tao Project

Kyuden International's first participation in Taiwan's electric power industry

The Hsin Tao Project is a 600MW-output LNG-burning combined cycle power generation project. Development of this project proceeded as a result of the 2nd IPP bidding held by the Taiwan Power Company in 1995. The power plant began operating in March of 2002, and all of the generated electricity is sold to the publicly-managed Taiwan Power Company.

In November of 2010, Kyushu Electric acquired 33.2% of outstanding shares for this project. As our company's first project within Taiwan, we continue to contribute a stable supply of energy to the region.

Project Data

Location Guanxi, Hsinchu, Taiwan (Around 50km west of Taipei)
Generation Type Natural Gas/Combined Cycle
Capacity 600MW
Fuel Natural Gas (Fuel provided by the CPC Corporation, Taiwan)
Start of Operations March 1st, 2002
Project Scheme