Participation in Philippine Microgrid Project of PowerSource Group

our 1st overseas off-grid electrification project for remote island

Press release

Kyuden Group will participate in a Microgrid Project※1, which PowerSource Group is implementing on the islands Palawan and Cebu in the Philippines.
PowerSource Group, an operator qualified by the Philippines Energy Regulatory Commission, supplies electricity to off-grid communities. Currently, they provide electricity generated by diesel to 7 sites on the islands Palawan and Cebu, and planning to implement solar-storage in existing sites, and to develop new sites in the future.
For this project, PowerSource Group and Kyuden Group have formed a strategic partnership, as Kyuden Group has a vast experience of supplying electricity to remote areas and generating renewable energy. By participating in this project, Kyuden Group contributes to the supply of environmental-friendly energy and to the expansion of PowerSource’s microgrid business, by implementing renewable energy sources and providing technical support, such as Operation and Maintenance improvement of PowerSource’s power plants.
By using our top-class technological prowess and expertise, Kyuden Group aims to realize a sustainable society, as listed in the Kyuden Group Management Vision 2030.
※1 Local supply of on-site generated electricity (using various sources such as diesel, solar etc.) to customers in off-grid areas by using microgrid technology.

Microgrid Site Location
Microgrid Site Location