Invested in and formed a strategic partnership with Enernet Global Inc.

- building electricity supply network of local production for local consumption utilizing renewable energy -

Press release

Kyuden International Corporation invested in Enernet Global Inc. (“Enernet”), a United States-based venture company, and the companies also formed a strategic partnership.

Enernet develops microgrid and Distributed Energy Resources projects※which combine renewable energy, battery storage, gas and existing generation, including diesel or the grid. Enernet uses its in-house proprietary software platform to rapidly design an optimally sized and operated generation system.

Enernet’s projects provide more robust, cost-effective and green electricity for commercial and industrial, mining, hospitality, remote community and utility customers, with current operations in Asia, Oceania, the Caribbean and, most recently, Africa.

In order to realize a sustainable society, as listed in the Kyuden Group Management vision 2030, by investing in and forming a strategic partnership with Enernet, Kyuden Group will accelerate further microgrid business by co-development with Enernet. Together, we will reduce carbon emissions by displacing diesel power plants, driving positive environmental impact.
Electricity supply projects of local generation on-site using various sources such as diesel, solar and so on for local customers as consumers in off-grid areas.
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Company Name

Enernet Global Inc.

Established Date

May, 2015

Headquarters Location

New York, USA


Paul Matthews

Business Activity

Building and Operating microgrids