Kyuden International Corporation has undertaken the “Project for Introduction of Hybrid Power Generation System” for Cabo Verde

Technical support for optimal operation of combined diesel power generation and renewable energy

Press release

    On March 19th, Kyuden International Corporation was commissioned by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to implement the “Project for Introduction of Hybrid Power Generation System” (hereinafter “the Project”) for Cabo Verde in collaboration with The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. (representative company of the Project : Kyuden International Corporation). The Project was formed based on a proposal made during a study “The Study of Information Collection and Verification Survey for Renewable Energy Introduction and Grid Stabilization in The Republic of Cabo Verde” commissioned to Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. in 2016.


    The Republic of Cabo Verde, an island nation located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa, thanks to its favorable wind conditions for wind power generation, aims to reach renewable energies (hereinafter “renewables”) introduction ratio of 50% by 2025 (18.2% as of 2018*), mainly from wind power.

*Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration


    Because the amount of power produced from wind is currently constrained due to a restriction set by the lower limit for diesel power generation output, through the Project, standards for operation and maintenance of diesel power generation will be reviewed and a proposal on hybrid power generation system optimal operation will be made as well. In addition, measures to promote the further introduction of renewables will be studied.


    Kyushu Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Co., Inc. and West Japan Engineering Consultants, Inc., members of the Kyuden Group, will also participate in the Project by making use of their knowledge on electric power supply and introduction of renewables on remote islands, in order to provide technical support and recommendations.


    The Kyuden Group offers high-value-added solutions appropriate to the needs and issues of regions and the age, by fully utilizing technology, knowhow and networks cultivated in the electric power industry up to now both in Japan and overseas, as well as adopting the latest knowledge and cutting-edge technology, also the Kyuden Group will contribute to carbon neutrality.